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Silver scaffold box on concrete block. 

The box-lid is lightly secured using small magnets


These silver scaffold sculptures are based on a silhouette view of bamboo scaffolding, a construction technique believed to date back around 1,500 years – the Great Wall of China was built using bamboo scaffolding. In the 1800’s, after Hong Kong was colonised, a massive surge of urban development took place using this traditional system which was extremely cost efficient as bamboo is a very flexible and cheap material. Bamboo is still widely used in the building of houses and multi-story buildings. The workers known locally as ‘taap pang’, can erect 215,000 square feet of bamboo in a day. The main types of bamboo used are mao jue and kao jue. The wood needs to be completely dried out and free of any cracks or rot.
Bamboo scaffolding was also used by British, European and American prisoners of war to support the building of the bridge during the construction of the Burma/Thai railway.

I have fabricated concrete blocks containing wooden scaffold structures. The concrete represents the mountainside the POW’s had to cut through using explosives and pick-axes.

A stand alone version of the silver scaffold box is available by request.

Kerstin burma scaffold

Silver cube on concrete block with wooden scaffold core 

Bronze Scaffold

Bronze cast from a wax scaffold

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