our stories will endure inside these precious rocks

Oxidised silver scaffold cufflinks

oxidised silver scaffold cufflinks

Kerstin Haigh, singer in rock band Senser, makes art works and precious jewellery. With particular focus on enamelling she has been making silver and gold jewellery for over 20 years. The enamel is worked into, layered with gold leaf and stoned back to produce vignettes that have narrative, colour and texture. Kerstin's designs are often worn by people who work in or have a passion for the arts. Among her customers are actors, singers, historians, designers and TV presenters. 'Working with enamel is a fascinating process. In less than a millimeter it gives a depth that can be sky, planets or oceans, it is alchemy. Gems heal and connect us to the earth, gold and silver yield under heat and then build resistance to the force of the tools, the flame melts the glass and as it cools the colours transform, it never fails to captivate me.'